Until the other day’s denunciations, this had been a giddy period of gays.

The President that is in opposition to homosexual marriages could carry out with a 'straight man’ transformation, produces Maureen Dowd.

Let us have it straight. The President in addition to Pope aren’t riding the newest gay wave. „I think a wedding try between a man and a lady,” mentioned George plant a week ago. „and that I consider we must codify this one ways or even the some other. And now we’ve got lawyers studying the best way to achieve that.” Attempting to include a tolerant mention to an intolerant rules, the guy mentioned he had been „mindful that individuals’re all sinners”.

Final time I examined, we had separation of church and county, so I don’t know exactly why the chairman is dealing with sin, or exactly why he could be implying that gays who wish to making a long-term devotion in some sort of saturated in splitting up and loneliness were sinners.

If we stick to Bush’s logic, should never we have a one-strike-and-you’re-out constitutional modification: no relationships for gays, but no second relationships for straights exactly who establish they’re not around they?

The Vatican, always eager to remove lines between church and state, warned Catholic lawmakers it might be „gravely immoral” to vote for homosexual matrimony or gay use – tinny preaching after revelations about homosexuality in the priesthood.

Initially the Great Courtroom blessing. Next Hollywood’s raft of gay-themed projects, from J.Lo’s lesbian turn-in Gigli on the BravoTV reality reveals, Boy Meets man and Queer eyes your Straight Guy.

Queer vision, a makeover success, regarding the address of enjoyment Weekly, has five homosexual dudes

Maybe we should pity plant, stuck within his 1950s arena of hypermasculinity as his nation goes homosexual and metrosexual (direct men with femme tastes, like facials). Also the uptight Wal-Mart sites have broadened antidiscrimination policy to guard gay workers, and Bride’s magazine is offering its basic element on escort site same-sex wedding parties.

Maybe the President with his swaggering group should think about a Queer vision makeover. I inquired a gay governmental reporter buddy if he can offer some tips:

Throughout the Vice-President: „I’d like to discover cock Cheney with a pierced ear and a diamond stud. Or perhaps in a body-hugging black colored T-shirt, only for the pure athletics of it. [And] the guy needs latest eyeglasses. About their locks, all I’m able to provide was my personal genuine regrets.”

When it found the chairman’s likelihood, the guy got really thrilled: „Cowboy footwear include okay for a particular style of saucy backyard barbeque. But putting on all of them normally as he do, with those large strip buckles in the form of Colorado, it looks like he is trying too much to prove his manliness.

„their hair is too tightly clipped. It appears colored on. And then he’s a huge squinter. The area of his vision are starting to look covered. Botox alert! The guy needs to drop in to the merciful arena of aesthetic services avail himself of a lip balm or gloss that can help mask that he missing their mouth someplace.

In open-collar shirts, he has a little little area of missing chest area hair

„the rest about your simply shouts 'butch, butch, butch!’ But to throw Bush a metrosexual bone, if you see him walking off environment power One with that furball Barney under his arm, that canine smoke of air that a lot of drag queens wouldn’t become caught lifeless with, it is like he’s halfway to a Chanel bunny fur handbag.

„Bush does such a great job of appearing blissfully relaxed and vacantly bubbly that he may as well go blonde. It may help with Ca’s electoral votes, as well.”